Meet Mary Wollstonecraft

  • Mary lived in England from 1759 to 1797.
  • Her family didn’t have very much money, but she was very close to her mother and her sister.
  • She also had some very close friends, and was famous for helping them to make good decisions and look after themselves.
  • When Mary was a young woman, she took care of children in rich families.  They thought she was a wonderful teacher.
  • When Mary was alive, girls didn’t get to do the same things as boys.  They weren’t sent to school for very long, and they didn’t usually work or make important decisions in society.
  • Mary disagreed with the rules about what girls can and can’t do.  She thought they were unfair, so she tried to break them, and she wrote about them too.
  • She believed that if girls were given the same chances as boys, they would grow up to do wonderful things too.
  • Mary’s husband was also a philosopher, and her daughter (whose name was Mary too) grew up to write the famous story “Frankenstein”.
Mary Wollstonecraft
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