Meet Pythagoras

  • Pronounced pie-thay-go-rass
  • Pythagoras lived in Greece more than two thousand, five hundred years ago.
  • Because he lived so long ago, no one is really sure about everything he did or what he was really like.  Only little bits and pieces of information are still around.
  • Some people say that he followed some very strange rules.  For example, he refused to eat beans because he thought they were very unhealthy (we know better nowadays).
  • Pythagoras belonged to a big group of thinkers who really liked numbers and math.
  • He and his group believed that numbers were like a secret code.  If you could understand numbers, you could understand everything, including the mysteries of the universe.
  • He was also very interested in music, because it is similar to math in many ways.
  • Pythagoras’ ideas about math are still studied in schools today.  One of them is used to measure triangles.
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